I doubt anyone loves Kat Von D more than I do & I have to tell you that her everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita is by far my fave liquid lipstick ever. I always receive several compliments on the color when I wear it. More so than any other color ever. 

So imagine how excited I was to see Kat Von D Beauty’s post announcing the super limited edition Lolita Eyeshadow & Blush! Unfortunately, I missed the Sephora.com flash sale of this but I wanted it so much that I drove my ass to the mall (I hate the mall)… on a weeknight… after work… since it was officially released in store only. 

To my joy, I saw there was a Lolita Studded Kiss Lipstick as well & I picked up both immediately. I’ve avoided watching any reviews on it, just to be sure that my review/first impression wouldn’t be skewed & I decided to jump right in & try a monochrome look with my favorite color ever instead of swatching it first.  

The eyeshadow & blush while being extremely pigmented is surprisingly easy to blend both on the eye & on the cheek. While there is some product kick up when I picked up product on my brush, it was minimal & there was no fall out when applied to the face or eyes or during the blending process. 

The Studded Kiss lipstick in Lolita is a matte formula & it is a comfortable matte. It is NOT transfer proof but it is a great option for those who want to try the infamous Lolita color but do not like the everlasting liquid lipstick formula or find it too drying.

As you can see in the swatches below, the lipstick & the powder are not identical in color, but when applied on the face they’re definitely close enough for me to achieve the monochromatic look I was going for! 

The final verdict:

Lolita Eyeshadow & Blush is definitely a MUST HAVE. It’s super limited edition (allegedly), so if you even want it just a little bit then get it! It’s a Sephora exclusive which means should you not like it for ANY reason, you can return it.

I feel like it would compliment most skin colors regardless of undertones, with maybe the extremely fair & the extremely dark skin tones maybe having to put in a bit more effort to make it work. 

Lolita Studded Kiss lipstick is also a MUST HAVE if you’ve wanted to try Lolita but don’t like the sometimes drying aspect of a liquid lipstick. 

Here are some pictures of the finished look:

Please comment down below & let me know what your thoughts are on these products. Do you have them? Do you want them? Why or why not?


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